Deep Purple Sage is an impressive work of art and achieves a level of quality that stands the test of time.”

... engaging and captivating tracks, their new album immensely surprises audiences.” - C. Edward

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This comprehensive full length album features 11 songs, and every one of them has that warm analog tone that audiophiles crave.” -
...curated in an old style of Acid Rock with vintage amp guitar sounds and lets the audience groove consistently.”

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"I’m pretty much ready to stand up and cheer – I freakin’ love this short & sweet little jam goin’ on here with this instrumental interlude" Sew my Shadow ”

Sleeping Bag Studios

If you’re a fan of classic psychedelic rock/folk, 90′s indie or even just straight up American rock of any kind, you absolutely will enjoy this album.” - A. Ducray
"Psychedelic Acid Rock with an Alternative-Americana approach that’ll keep you engaged and listening to the many details & imagery found throughout “Johnny’s Too Young.”" ”

Sleeping Bag Studios

There’s a great combination of musical talent, technical execution and meticulous artistic vision.” -