1. Wait for Fate

From the recording Wait for Fate

Wait for Fate – New digital Single Holidaze Season 2020! Modern Psychedelic Folk/Rock ballad Bigsby style 60’s lead guitar with a modern song approach. W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump


I wait for Fate
She waits across the border
I wait for Fate
But, she waits not there for me
I wait for Fate
But she’s not the Fate for me.
I wait for morning
No more darkness, no more pain
I wait for sunrise
And the sun to break the rain
I wait for darkness
And my life to slowly twain.
Just a cowboy in love
With dreams across the border
Just a cowboy in love
Who knows what fate might bring me
Tear down the walls and bring my fate to me.


I wait for Fate
To dance the light fantastic
I watch the stars
To calculate her magic
I would bend the bars
To set my baby free.